Harry Ritchie’s is all about the holidays. We love seeing the excitement in our stores and even more, seeing that excitement make someone’s holiday one they’ll never forget. This year we have a lot to celebrate with you. We have local stores in four states and we have special masterpieces to add to our signature H Diamond Collection.




We have local stores in four states to provide you with the best possible holiday shopping experience.


Dreaming of a Brilliant Holiday

Give your Holiday gifting the “wow factor” with the H Diamond, an exclusive, hand-cut masterpiece of a diamond you'll only find at Harry Ritchie's. We’ve got even more H Diamond masterpieces this year, each one featuring a diamond with 81 facets rather than the usual 57 facets.

Start dreaming of a brilliant holiday with the H Diamond.


your handbook to win the holidays

Check out our full catalog for inspired ideas. These gifts will sparkle for anyone in the family.



Inflated markups and deceptive discounts have been a standard jewelry industry practice for far too long. Buying jewelry should be spectacularly fun. Our Real Pricing provides the lowest price we can offer while still keeping the lights on – anytime; no waiting for a sale, —no haggling, and no bartering. For reals. Really reals.

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Holiday Swag