Harry Ritchie’s has alway been about celebrating family. Not just ours, but yours too. We care deeply about relationships and what family truly means. It is the belief that we can support one another while building something great and giving back to our community.

Harry & Jerry in 1941 while they were dating (the beginning of their love story).

Harry & Jerry in 1941 while they were dating (the beginning of their love story).


Our family celebration began in 1941 when Harry and Jerry Ritchie were married. A few years later Harry began working at Jerry’s uncle’s jewelry store, Weisfield's, located in downtown Portland, Oregon. By 1946 Harry was promoted and relocated to Eugene, Oregon to open and manage a new location.

For over ten years, Harry loved what he did everyday, but at heart he was an entrepreneur with a unique vision for a new type of jewelry store experience. He began Harry Ritchie’s with the belief that beautiful, high quality jewelry should be accessible to everyone. This meant offering personalized credit options for everyone—from young romantics buying an engagement set to the young at heart celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Harry backed this up by being ready and willing to offer credit with not much more than a firm handshake.

Its all about the heart—live, love and work with all that you have and you will be part of something bigger—people love to be a part of something that is meaningful and makes their lives better.
— Tobey Ritchie


Harry Ritchie’s launched in 1956 when Harry and Jerry told their two children that they had decided they’d like to open their own jewelry store. First Harry asked for their blessing and then both of the kids offered up their piggy banks to help kickstart Harry Ritchie’s. The entire family and employees have carried this “all in” mentality from that day forward always wanting to help out and be a part of a bigger story in the community.

The business grew as the family grew, with Harry’s grandchildren taking their first job at Harry Ritchie’s. Sean Ritchie remembers, “I was 13 putting on a suit jacket and tie when I started working at the Gateway Mall store in Springfield during Christmas. My cousin Patrick was working with me and every day we had a competition to see who could help more guests find the perfect gift. It was such a fun way to get started!”

Jerry & Harry in the very first store, downtown Eugene in 1956.

Jerry & Harry in the very first store, downtown Eugene in 1956.

My grandparents showed me that it’s good to always be nice to other people, and if you give your word, you need to stand behind it. Trust and being dependable is a very important part of your being.”
— Cohen Ritchie
The Ritchie’s gathered for Harry & Jerry’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

The Ritchie’s gathered for Harry & Jerry’s 60th Wedding Anniversary


The Harry Ritchie’s family legacy continues to this day with Harry and Jerry’s grandchildren now owning and running the company. When you visit any one of the 18 locations across the northwest, you will experience Harry Ritchie’s family values and heartfelt commitment to quality and service. Harry would often say, “My ultimate goal is for people to leave my store with smiles on their faces.” Putting a smile on a guest’s face is now the goal of each and every Harry Ritchie’s employee.


Harry Ritchie’s celebrated our 60th Anniversary—yes, the diamond anniversary—with the launch of our first, exclusive diamond brand, the H Diamond. This is a one-of-a-kind, hand-cut masterpiece that’s beyond brilliant, awesomely accessible, and surprisingly affordable. Think of it as a passion project that was 60 years in the making, built on a heritage of knowledge and a belief that diamonds are for everyone.

Harry Ritchie’s is about making it possible for you to be a hero to someone else.
— Sean Ritchie